Shoe frustrations

When I got out my boots this year, two pair (my snow and Dansko boots) had succumbed to “the case of the crumbling soles.”  This situation may be a nuisance for some, but for me, it’s a pretty big deal.  Since the accident, I’ve been unable to wear shoes off the shelf, with very few exceptions.  The combination of the way my foot was deformed, the need to wear a pretty substantial orthodic to make the pain of each step manageable and the perpetual foot swelling expected to last the rest of my life makes finding shoes that fit an arduous task.

For the third time this super snowy season, yesterday I went on the hunt for a pair of winter/snow boots.  At this point nearly everything is sold out, but with record snow on the ground, I figured I’d try one last time.  I went to store after store in Downtown Crossing to no avail.  On top of all the problems I have trying to buy shoes off the shelf, the detached tongue that helps make snow boots waterproof almost universally limited me from being able to get my foot in the boot, as there was no stretch.  The closest I came to finding boots was a pair of men’s Sorel Duck Boots at City Sports.  I couldn’t get my foot into the boot with the insulation, but if I removed it, I could even fit my orthodic in the boot.  Unfortunately, removing the thick insulated liner made the boots way too big, even with my orthodic.  I was also concerned about how cold my feet might be sans insulation.

After trying on SO many boots yesterday, my foot still hurts today, even when elevated, and it feels more swollen too.  While I’m not completely SOL, I’m not looking forward to the melting snow.  I still have a VERY old pair of hiking boots (think Carbondale) that somehow fit, but I can’t use my orthodic in the boot so it’s more painful.  I also have a pair of men’s P.W. Minor ankle high boots that were the first pair of shoes I got several years ago to accommodate my orthodic.  I guess I’m going to have to carry extra socks with me (and maybe shoes) to change into if they get wet.  Then do I wear the wet boots back home??? Ugh!  Traveling the rest of the winter and into the spring, at least until the HUGE snow banks melt, is not going to be pleasant.

I feel frustrated and stuck.  I think the worst part may be that I worked so hard in the fall (seeing a new physiatrist, a new round of PT at Spaulding, new orthodics, etc.) to increase my walking distance.  I was making progress.  Without proper snow boots that can accommodate my orthodic, walking is going to be significantly more difficult for the next couple of months, and my progress will probably be set back.  Oh well, I’ve been through so much worse. I’m sure I’ll figure out something.  I always do…


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