Multiple Milestones Achieved

Over the last year (since modifying my inserts), I’ve worked diligently to increase my walking distance and become more independent of my scooter.  Two new milestones are in line with increased mobility.  A third milestone is starting a daily meditation practice.

  1.  Socially Scooter Free.  I began by becoming independent of my scooter in almost all social activities, reserving its use to running errands, where standing in line and walking distances are still problematic for me.  The one exception was ushering at the theatre.  I’m happy to say I’m finally able to usher without the use of my scooter.  The issue was not being able to stand for 30+ minutes.  Since Dec 20, for three performances at two different theatres, I’ve been able to use a chair to sit when I’m not assisting folks with finding their seats.  I used to be outside the doors handing out programs while seated on my scooter.  It’s so much more fun being inside and being a full fledged usher.  I do have to be careful not to overdo it though, as I did have one instance where I ended up with my foot somewhat inflamed, resulting in pain with each step and limited walking for a few days.
  2.  Activity Tracking Goals.  I’m doing another fibromyalgia study.  In part, I have to wear a Fitbit for a week before each of three fMRIs.  With limited mobility, I didn’t expect a Fitbit to make much difference to me, but I was wrong.  I was amazed to find out how much I walk.  On days when I go out in the evening to a social event, I almost always walk 4000 steps.  I thought I walked maybe 2000 steps/day, so 4000 was a pleasant surprise, given that 10000 steps is often cited as a goal for fully mobile folks.  I liked the Fitbit so much, I bought my own (a Garmin Vivosmart HR).  Now, on days when I don’t go out, I walk my hallways (my building is a block long) to try to hit 4000.  I’m unable to do the 4000 several consecutive days in a row without getting too fatigued and/or in too much pain, but gamification has sucked me in!
  3.  Daily Meditation Practice.  From October to December 2016, I took an eight week course:  Cultivating Compassion.  I was feeling stressed and thought starting a daily meditation practice might help.  It was a fantastic class (so good I’m taking it again).  During the course, I was only meditating about three to five times a week.  Since it ended, however, I’ve been meditating daily.  I downloaded and daily use an app (Insight Timer) to track my meditations.  On Friday, I’d meditated thirty consecutive days, averaging 35 minutes daily.  The only way I’ve been able to do this is by doing it first thing when I wake up.  If I start my day, I’ll never get back to it.

Writing this has reminded me I should finish my 2016 Year in Review before 2017 gets too far underway…


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