Watercolor class 5/8/17

Last year I went to a watercolor class offered by the Charlestown Public Library.  I didn’t like the class because there wasn’t any instruction.  Yesterday I went to the first of three watercolor classes, hoping the instructor would be someone other than the woman from last year.  No such luck…

This time, again without instruction, she wanted us to paint this still life. 20170508_134829 Who asks beginning watercolor students to paint white flowers, without any instruction as to how to do so?  I thought she was crazy, as did most other women at my table.  Of the four of us, only one attempted to paint the flowers.  She too was a total beginner, but I must say, she did a pretty good job of painting light gray shadows and pink dots here and there, such that if you knew you they were supposed to be flowers, you might be able to see them.  At the end of class, the instructor took her painting and started telling what she should’ve done and painted over her work.  It’s another thing I don’t like about this instructor.  Without even asking permission, she just takes your work and starts painting on it!

Anyway,  the instructor labeled our table “the anarchists,” LOL.  We liked that title.  I may have actually started the revolt.  She said we could paint anything we wanted.  She’d shown us several examples of watercolor.  “The anarchists” each chose one of those works.  Emily chose to do a few images from a watercolor manual.  Another woman chose to copy a John Singer Sargent mural.  I chose to replicate a simple ship from a children’s book.Jpeg

I wanted to do something simple that played around with a couple of techniques.  I was pretty happy to be able to make something that resembled the original (I forgot to take a pic of the original for comparison).  The addition of clouds was my doing and I liked it.  Despite how simple it was, I wasn’t able to complete it in the 1.5 hours.  I was planning to go back in and draw the top of the lighthouse after I painted it (which may not have been a good idea), as I wasn’t sure how much I’d be able to leave white.

Will I return for the last two classes?  I guess I’ll find out.  Last time I didn’t continue, but this time I might do so just for the dedicated time of doing something creative.  I really love doing art, but for some reason, I seem incapable of sitting down alone and beginning.  I have the supplies, just not motivation to get started.  Maybe I should find someone to get together with, as if I have room in my already insanely busy life…

Making this post also serves as a reminder that I didn’t finish posting the art projects I did with Elle in 2016.  Before the new round of classes begin, I want to get those posted.  Posting helps me look back and see if I’m making progress over time.



2 thoughts on “Watercolor class 5/8/17

  1. Thanks Joyce. I’m interested in learning techniques and basics like composition, so it’s particularly frustrating when she expects us to paint without instruction. I didn’t do anything in terms of composition for my painting, other than copy the illustration in the children’s book 🙂


  2. You were smart not to paint the still life. It looked poorly composed. I agree that presenting white flowers to paint without instruction first was dumb. I think the composition of your painting is excellent! I really like your painting. Good composition is so fundamental to painting, drawing, photography, most any type of art.

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