On the morning of July 18, 2002, my life was forever altered in the blink of an eye. On my way to work, I was in a high-speed head-on collision.

Due to the accident and subsequent complications, over the next several years, I’d lose everything that gave my life meaning. It often felt like a baby step forward and giant step back. Finally I’m making progress but that progress feels like it’s moving “at a glacial pace.”

Getting better has elicited a desire and, in some sense, a need to share what I didn’t feel able to share or what wasn’t or wouldn’t have been believed if I did share it when I was in the middle of it.  Not ever expecting to make it out the other side and yet doing so, I have a story to tell; a story that unfortunately carries more credibility being told in past than present tense.  It is to and for those living with hidden illnesses and/or disabilities or a loved one that I feel called to share my story.

I’m far from completely recovered, but I have back more of my life than I ever imagined I might recover.  Along the way, I made some decisions that I fully stand by today but which might be viewed  critically or seen as offensive by some.  I’ve been struggling the last couple of weeks with starting this blog because I refuse to live my life in a closet.  If I’m going to share my story, I’m going to share all of it, because the parts that others might view critically are, in many ways, the parts that helped me to persevere.  I’ve decided the best resolution is to mark entries in which parts might be deemed too much for some as “NSFW,” even though I don’t intend to be sharing at such a graphic level as to make them so.  If you think you might be offended, don’t read it!

I have the far-fetched idea that some day these entries might find their way to becoming the basis for a book.  I guess I’ll have to wait and see how this blog is received…



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